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What was your favourite smiley chatting on the internets in the nineties? Mine was :p

Dogs are better humans, animals never lie. We can learn so much from them as dogs mirror human personality perfectly. We can discover our own true character in the behaviour of dogs. #vegan #psychology #philosophy

The upcoming #bitcoin #BTC #BCH halvening in 2020 while #DASH will be releasing their 1.0 platform, #Ethereum releasing 2.0, will be called "The Awakening" :p in the books of #cryptocurrency history #realbitcoinclub

Inside the #BCH community you get toasted for sharing truthful opinions about Roger Ver @rogerkver, banned from their forums, twitter & discord channels. Inside the #BSV the same happens for critisizing #CraigWright

Inside the #DASH community you can talk truth about the Founder Evan Duffield & the CEO of Dash Core Group @RTayler05 (the software development team) while people appreciate your honesty. #realbitcoinclub

Inside the #DASH community you can talk truth about the Founder Evan Duffield & the CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor @RTaylor05 (the software development team) while they appreciate your honesty. #realbitcoinclub

The #DASH community is open to everyone, its the most transparent, decentralized & censorship resistant community I have witnessed. I have been into #bitcoin since $130, observed & participated a lot #realbitcoinclub

#DASH has been "bribing" their followers by spnsoring their efforts in a decentralized transparent way, that is a major difference to a few business men negotiating everything behind closed doors. #realbitcoinclub

People in todays society usually obey to rich people, as they want to be bribed, want to have that easy life, especially in the #bitcoin community which is mostly about that. Social status is mostly defined by wealth.

Status of most #bitcoins is defined by their coinmarketcap, therefore these ranking high on that ladder, have the most fake followers, which jump over once the train passes by. #realbitcoinclub

There is absolutely no reason that any national government in the world should have the right to spread their national currency at any international scale. If you play that game of nations, you must respect borders.

#rogerkver has been misleading the #bitcoin community pretending that #BCH would be a community movement, my truth is that most follow him because he owns bitcoin.com, employs most of his followers & has lots of money

#Bitcoin #BTC and #DASH are the only real decentralized international currencies, the only two community driven initiatives, grass roots movements, absolutely transparent and socially accepted. #realbitcoinclub

#CraigWright has been misleading the #bitcoin #BSV community in a similar way as #rogerkver has been doing it. #CalvinAire is perceived to be a super rich ass and people follow the money... similar strategy.

The Venezuelan government still rightfully declares the USD as an illegal scam inside their territory, while not enforcing their opinion, but offering a peaceful alternative, I really like this respectful attitude.

National currencies are absolutely intransparent and manipulate the free market, why should any nation accept to be intransparently manipulated by another nation?

How can we help users realize that #DASH is the best choice for them? They must be able to make a decision based on their own experience to truly gain trust, to become loyal long term investors. #realbitcoinclub

@CoinomiWallet When will you integrate InstantSend feature of #DASH? Do you need any developer support? https://buildwithdash.com/ could assist you! THANKS

YESTERDAY it has been 30 YEARS that the GERMAN WALL was REMOVED, the RUSSIANS gave up "WARSCHAUER PAKT" while the NATO signed to not expand any further. REALITY today: the NATO EXPANDED more & more, BREAKING THE DEAL.

Yesterday it has been 30 days that the german wall was removed, the russians gave up "Warschauer Pakt" while the NATO signed to not expand any further. Reality today: the NATO expanded more & more, breaking the deal.