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The coconut climber just recognised me from my last trip to this beach town. He can climb a palm tree to get free fresh coconut. These coconuts cost 5€ in Europe... They cost 20 cents here at the beach. #Venezuela

All the employees of #bitcoincom I talked to so far are operating from abroad. Even the #dash core group leaders are abroad. How do they think they can understand #Venezuela without experiencing it?

I wonder if there is any other white european in #Venezuela promoting #bitcoin adoption. Usually I am the only white guy all around. It is rare to meet Europeans here at all. #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap

La meyor manera de apoyar a #Venezuela es tomar vacaciones aquí! La economía necesita turistas. Venezuela es un paraíso para tomar vacaciones en la playa, bailando salsa, bebiendo ron, comiendo pescado y frutas.

I charged my Digitel phone number yesterday, about 14 h ago but still I don't have any saldo... #cryptobuyer this phone charging would be so awesome at this helps to prove to the people the utility especially in town

Now they are cutting a beach hut with the chainsaw. They are constructing all over the place here. Many abandoned places but also many who keep building. I think humans here have a much better life than in a big city.

Currently watching the fishermen going to sea while the sun is rising over the horizont. I think I will eat a fish this year, hand fished in the Carribbean or Amazonas #Venezuela #vegan

Tonight at 6-7 pm they will release some sea turtles again! You must come to see this beautiful paradise... #Venezuela #realbitcoinclub

I am a #fuckingcapitalist, my capital is my life experience/wisdom.

Humans which are doing autonomous business in #Venezuela are living a nice standard... I would say a business here is easier & more lucrative than in Europe. It's just that many don't know how to calculate correctly.

At this beach town they have the highest quality of water, right from the fountain in the mountains. But all goods in the supermarket are more expensive, nice opportunity to start some business. #Venezuela

In the beach town near Caracas I can walk without shoes & shirt while nobody cares. That is so relaxing... The vibe here is totally different to #Caracas #Venezuela, the humans here are much more healthy & beautiful

To arrive here I negotiated with the bus driver to accept #DASHTEXT but he didn't want, so another passenger offered me to pay the trip and I donated to him. It costs 1 #USD to drive 2-3 hours by bus #Venezuela

Today I arrived in a town at the beach 2h from Caracas, #Venezuela. I already bought a plate of rice with #DASHTEXT & I donated to several shop owners so they can observe themselves how #DASH works #realbitcoinclub

La oferta de recargar su línea Digitel del teléfono en #Venezuela con #cryptobuyer me parece muy buena: 10000 Bs por 10500 Bs. Solo que ahora ya lo pagué dos veces un las últimas dos horas, y no me caiga el saldo

Humans sleeping on the streets in #Venezuela are living a comfortable life. Nobody here suffers cold like they do in Europe. We have a roof that protects us from the rain. We have free electricity & water everywhere.

These which call themselves "good" people are the worst that exist... We just got molested by 30 young idiots at 3:07 am during night to give us food & medical advice... while we are simply enjoying our freedom...

As a kid I believed these sleeping in cars, occupied places or on the streets are having a bad time. After getting to know many of them all around the world I know that most choose to live this way, they love freedom.

It would help in that way that these community members which care about real world adoption could focus on #DASH while these which are more into online businesses could focus on #BCH that would create clarity & peace.

The main tool for #BCH promotion is the domain #bitcoincom and therefore the online community believes that #BitcoinCash is more adopted than #DASH but that is totally false DASH is already operating on all continents