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It would help a lot for general adoption if #rogerkver would admit that the real world adoption race will be won by #DASH as they consistently pump money into promotional campaigns thanks to the treasury system.

Out of 450 active installations we have 51 users which opened the app http://bmap.cash/android more than once during the past week. #bitcoinmap #realbitcoinclub

The statistics of our #bitcoinmap Android App show that engaged users are still very little. Still most users are speculators, we have few real Satoshis which use #bitcoin for regular consumption. #realbitcoinclub

The reason why Marco coino is still such a trashy app is because #rogerkver knows that nearly nobody is using it. Real world adoption for #BCH is lagging far behind of #DASH most places on Marco coino are b2b services

The good news is that these who actually go to spread real #bitcoin adoption have a huge impact and are writing history. We are planting the seeds that will grow into immense trees of adoption. #realbitcoinclub

When I arrived in #Venezuela I was living with two paranoids for two weeks via AirBnB. They constantly told me to leave my smartphone at home. Nowadays I am running around, texting nearly anywhere on the streets.

There are paranoid people all around the world, these which have little real experience but read too much newspaper & Facebook, this is what I learned from traveling seven countries during the past two years.

#Cointigo could implement a text messaging service for #BCH in #Venezuela All they would need are some funds to pay the development #rogerkver Even the community could fund that development as it would be very cheap

Community members which are programmed on destructive ego habits do not understand that I want to push #DASH & #BCH adoption at the same time #realbitcoinclub supports any #bitcoin that liberates the people from banks

The biggest challenge for #BCH in #Venezuela is that they do not have any text messaging provider as #cointext didn't care about Venezuela even if I was reminding Vin Armani several times for several months...

There is a lady who onboarded 30 friends to #dashtext within just a few weeks. She was working for the banksters before. She says that she is totally amazed by this system which is so easy & fast #realbitcoinclub

Today I met a guy who was telling me that he has 4 smartphones at home which he is not using, as he doesn't know how to put the simcard into these new devices... His relatives abroad sent him these. #Venezuela

The funniest thing about #Venezuela is that it is totally common to interrupt others while they are talking with each other... They don't say excuse me or anything, they simply start talking... :D

I am using a text browser to save data while reading news on these pages that believe that a picture is so important to attract more readers. Reminds me of 1990 when my father was using OS2 text browser with 14k modem

#Venezuela has a very intense social culture... Many here talk more than they think, they are shouting a lot, they play music everywhere at a higher volume than the speakers support... It's like a permanent festival.

This was Georg Engelmanns idea! Blame him!

Are you renting out flats or rooms for #DASH or #BCH ?? We would be happy to list you on http://bitcoinmap.cash You can submit your BnB via http://bmap.cash/submit #bitcoinmap #realbitcoinclub #bitcoin #bitcoins