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I reported my issues with #xpay and got a very fast response by Arley Lozano the CEO of Panda Group on a Sunday Morning!! This is excellent customer support!! Solutions coming soon!! #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap

Since I started leaving the Matrix six years ago every other day I feel surrounded by humans so disconnected to their natural instincts not realizing they have lost consciousness completely living in zombie mode.

I was recommended to take antibiotics several times by various people to heal my broken foot. That reminds me of that movie "Idiocracy" where they give soft drinks to feed plants instead of water.

I would never recommend you to use piratebay or any functioning mirror (don't use Google to search for one of these) to download a copy of the #EdwardSnowden book "Permanent Record" don't do that!! Don't! Do!! That!!!

The #cryptobuyer POS has worked fine so far the only issue is the 5% fee (should cut that fee as a XMAS promotion) which makes it harder to promote #bitcoin usage compared to the 10% #anypay #dashback #realbitcoinclub

The xpay.cash POS terminal robbed me 30 minutes of life time twice! The terminal lost its connection both times, the 2nd time the manager came out of the office to tell me how pissed off he is about that machine #xpay

I just instructed a complete #bitcoin noob on how to use my smartphone to go & buy me foods at TRAKI using #Coinomi wallet & #DASH Lets see how that experiment will work out! #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap

WATCH THIS honest interview with deep insights from a #bitcoin #DASH ATM seller offered by #DashNews: (Dash Podcast 128 Feat. Zach Harvey CEO of Lamassu) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7QKccYN4bI #realbitcoinclub

Französische Schulen nehmen #Bitcoin und Kryptowährungen in ihren Lehrplan auf: https://de.cointelegraph.com/news/french-high-school-students-will-learn-about-bitcoin-and-crypto #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap

All the fake national political crisis are being created artificially to cover up the real international banking crisis. An international fake economy inflated by fake money that is really imploding #realbitcoinclub

STANDPUNKTE • Die Welt entledigt sich des Dollars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoEP6yx0Ny8 #KenFM

Paying out the 50k bounty for a critical MakerDAO bug requieres a bank account :D https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2019/10/03/makerdao-security-vulnerability-ethereum-dai-stablecoin-collapse-theft-cryptocurrency/

#VitalikButerin explains a revolutionary donation based funding mechanism that looks much like a truly democratic election process! Must read all to the conclusion! https://vitalik.ca/general/2019/10/24/gitcoin.html

When one #DASH DAO sponsored team grows too big, it might become too relevant & influental. Therefore smaller but more decentralized teams, might lead to more stability & efficiency. #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap

The disappearance of Eugenias #DASH Venezuela was a major show stopper in Vzla, much bigger than #DashLatam as they had connected so much more interested users & much more media presence including national TV shows.

Same for Twitter, Instagram & Facebook pages. The DAO could be the owner of all the #DASH related social media accounts. DASH Venezuela for example has 20000+ followers on Social Media but is totally unused today.

#DASH DAO could grow stronger than ever before out of the challenge to stay connected with users & merchants onboarded by #DASHLatam, the MNO could demand user & merchant data to be handed out by all funded proposals

The meetup.com page which was used by #DASHLatam to promote #DASH events should never have been the property of #GeorgeDonnelly but the DAO should offer free meetup pages owned by the DAO to every team working for it.

The Android App of http://bitcoinmap.cash has 500+ active users!! More #bitcoin users are getting interested in spending #DASH #BCH or #BTC Thank you!! App & content update coming ASAP! #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap

I am in an office space that has an air conditioner inside the boss room while it heats up the space of the rest of the office and I don't know if that's stupidity or hierarchy...