WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


2 blocks till upgrade.

Seen at coin show Niagarw Falls. http://imgur.com/gallery/OIRwU2D

If you live in the Toronto/Brampton area , and are into coins or pm's, I have a very limited (25) number of store tokens to pass out. Tokens are for coin supplies only. Reply with SLP address.

My memo SLP address is linking directly into my badger wallet. Anyone else notice the problem?

Vids. Silver was at $23.65 at the time of the post. Currently at 23.20 so unless we see a substantial increase the won't be any appreciation. 2 days to go.

Another 1 hour plus block.

BCH meet-up this Sunday, 6 to 9:30 pm at Betty's on King, Toronto. Swag and decals will be available. Giving out BCT tokens to attendees. If you are in the Toronto area try to drop in.

I'm feeling a little boxed in at the moment.

37 pages of "show muted item" boxes. We really need a fix.

The FED just created 53 billion $ overnight for freinds and connected. Just created 53 billion tokens for average joe.

Block 600785 83 minutes Unknown miner Tx - 60 Mempool was at 2400 Curious or what???

Anyone know if Cointext works to and from Cuba???


Listing 50 Collier coins. Will buy 2oz silver pumpkin tomorrow. Buyer will get any appreciation on spot tomorrow until Oct 31.

Listed a few more Collier coins.

Anyone know if there is a "stable" token in the works? With so much volitily it seems difficult to tokenize an asset.

Listed 10 Collier coin for sale.

SLV 1oz https://imgur.com/a/cvE2Q7Q

Mempool currently 185k.

Noticing many larger tx on txhighway. Wonder if its bc people are moving coin to bitcoin.com as the new exchange begins tonight.