WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议



In order to celebrate Facebook's Libra Coin, I've decided to uninstall Facebook. Get fucked zuck.


Despite altcoins having the worst news all year with binance banning us cust., and BTC losing adoption and credibility at a rapid rate, it seems as though we might actually be in a bull market. The flippening's near.

I created a list of resources connecting Blockstream, Bitfinex, Block One, AXA, and Bilderberg to an EOS supporter who was unaware of the deeper conspiratorial framework. See my reply for link.

Ive been sent slp tokens twice. How do i view them? It doesn't show anything under profile/tokens.

"He should've just obeyed the law" https://i.imgur.com/VCTDUo5.jpg

"When you're the first cop in the stack to conduct a red flag confiscation at a Vietnam Vet's house and you hear 'Fortunate Son' blasting from the inside" https://i.imgur.com/JZMLCrF.jpg

"Business owners across Australia are dropping support for @Blockstream's failing #BTC and #LN, opting to fully endorse #BCH as the superior money. " https://twitter.com/haydenotto_/status/1139741070672056320?s=20

Memo is great. :)

Keanu/PewDiePie 2020 I don’t care if one is Canadian and the other is Swedish This is what America needs

Is there a memo.cash bounty or a place to recommend new features? I think this site could use a few practical improvements.

Finally off my 30 day ban on Facebook. I'm going to use my time wisely, hopefully i can get some of them to come here on Memo. One can hope that they'd value this innovation over that trash.

I'm seeing some bugs here on Memo. Like if i get a notification, it will delete everything im writing or redirect me somewhere else. Are there active developers on this site?

Is there any way or any future plans to include group functionality? Kinda like FB groups, or a blog, or anything like that? I think i want to get as many of my anarchist friends off of FB and on here as possible


This is my hello world post. I'm really glad i found this site, as I've had a hard time with other social media sites censoring me and my friends. I'm hoping this feels more at home than Steemit, Facebook, and Minds.